Open Call!

The SYNERGY project has launched its Open Call! An overall budget of €380k will be used for cascade funding across a total of 8 projects that make use of the SYNERGY Big Data Platform and Analytics Marketplace and are deployed in the SYNERGY demonstration sites, that will be selected through an Open Call. The Open

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SYNERGY: The Big Data Platform and AI Marketplace designed for the Electricity Data Value Chain

Interview with Dr. Fenareti Lampathaki, Technical Coordinator of the SYNERGY project by GECO Global & SUITE5 The SYNERGY project has now progressed to the deployment stage, and as part of that, has released the beta version of the SYNERGY Platform, a cutting-edge Big Data Platform and AI Marketplace, that targets any stakeholder of the

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Offline testing of the optimization of Power Purchase Agreements between RES Operators and Electricity Retailers, towards Greening Electricity Supply and reducing associated tariffs and costs.

by CUERVA & COBRA Demo case 9 aims to promote the retailing and supply of green electricity, enabling the retailers’ transition to a Sustainable Energy commercialisation, whilst optimising the users’ tariff. The demo case, led by CUERVA (Electricity Retailer) and COBRA (RES Plant Operator), could be used as a tool for feasibility assessments for

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SYNERGY at Enlit 2021: The potentialities of SYNERGY Big Data Platform

- Interview with Ugo Stecchi, the Project Coordinator of the SYNERGY project by Ioana-Emilia Badea [GECO Global] SYNERGY will attend Enlit Europe 2021 in Milan, Italy, at the end of this month. The three-day event will take place at Fiera di Milano from the 30th of November to the 2nd of December. Enlit, formerly known

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The SYNERGY Platform: Grupo Cuerva starts uploading datasets to test and validate use cases

After 22 months since the beginning of SYNGERY’s activity, Grupo Cuerva, one of the Spanish demo-partner for the project, has started the uploading of its datasets in the SYNERGY Platform. This will be used to test and validate several Use Cases related to: PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) between renewable generators and supply points. Prosumer flexibility

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Open Call coming soon!

The SYNERGY project will launch an Open Call soon for cascade funding across different projects that make use of the SYNERGY Big Data Platform and Analytics Marketplace and are deployed in the SYNERGY demonstration sites. The aim is to enlarge the outreach of the core big data platform and analytics offering to be delivered by

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SYNERGY’s Asset Management Tool Suite

by Angelina Syrri [ICCS] SYNERGY aims to deliver an Asset Management Tool Suite, consisting of four applications, which targets network and RES plant Operators. All four applications develop advanced grid-level analytics for optimized network and asset management services. The prototype version of the applications will be released shortly and is well documented in the

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SYNERGY Platform’s conceptual architecture

by UBITECH   The design process of the overall conceptual architecture of the SYNERGY platform was an iterative process where multiple iterations were performed by the consortium members towards the formulation of a concrete and solid architecture design. The design process started from the extensive analysis of the collected SYNERGY user and business requirements that

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