Project Objectives

SYNERGY will attempt to unleash the data-driven innovation and collaboration potential across currently diversified and fragmented electricity actors, acting as a multiplier of the “combined” data value that can be accrued, shared and traded, and re-conceiving real-time data sharing against traditionally bilateral contracting applied in the electricity sector, to enable holistic optimization of the operation of electricity networks and the energy performance of their constituent components (RES plants, buildings, districts).

The project’s specific objectives are: 

  • To deliver a novel Big Data platform powered by energy-related data that effectively addresses the complexity of the energy/ electricity sector value chain interactions and allows for the delivery of innovative Energy-as-a-Service offerings, through central as well as federated experimentation with big data analytics, service composition, data sharing, assets reuse and business value generation.
  • To integrate existing big data technologies, tools, and libraries, with energy sector legacy systems and ICT-enabled assets and components to accelerate the data management and analysis cycle for powering the SYNERGY platform, turning the 4 Big Data V’s into Stakeholder Value.
  • To deliver an innovative, secure, privacy-preserving, and IPR respecting multi-party data exchange and sharing framework, propelling the creation of a joint venture of data owners and analytics providers.
  • To enable the delivery of added value services that satisfy emerging energy sector stakeholders needs and effectively contribute to the short-, mid- and long term targets for a cleaner, more sustainable and more efficient energy system characterized by maximized RES integration, increased Energy Efficiency, enhanced Consumer Empowerment and Democratized Energy Markets.
  • To bring forward novel collaborative business models driven by big data sharing and analytics services, benefiting the whole value chain of actors relevant to the electricity domain.
  • To deliver a reference big data platform architecture and implementation for the electricity data value chain, validated through a set of representative, large-scale, and long-lasting demonstrators.
  • To promote the adoption of the SYNERGY solution as a next-generation Big Data Platform for data sharing-based EaaS applications through intense dissemination and knowledge transfer of the project’s outcomes towards the targeted stakeholders, reaching out to international audiences within and beyond the EU.