The socio-economic barriers

by Paul Tobin [GECO Global] Contributors: Christophe Dromacque [GECO], Christina Papadimitriou [UCY], Sotiris Tsakanikas [VERD], Luis Viguer [ETRA I+D], Fenareti Lampathaki [Suite 5]   The techno-centric approach to R&D projects in the energy sector has left the crucial factor of socioeconomics underappreciated. This is demonstrated by the existence of terms such as social acceptance.

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The Finnish Demo Site

Forum Virium Helsinki (FVH) pilot sites are located in the city of Helsinki. There are two main pilot buildings, which are both public buildings: Urban Environment House, and a vocational school, Stadia. There are over 16 000 data points in the pilot buildings for the needs of SYNERGY. In addition, data from more than 20 residential

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The Spanish Demo Site

The Spanish Pilot from Cuerva is located in the South of Spain, in the province of Granada. A portion of the distribution network operated by Grupo CUERVA in the region of Granada will be used as the main electricity infrastructure to set the Spanish demo site. La Calahhora This area for the

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The Greek Demo Site

The Greek Pilot Area is located in the Attica Region.The Greek Demo Site consists of 2 separate Pilot areas all situated in Attica Region, one in the Mesogeia area (North-eastern Attica) and the other in the Kifissia district in Northern Attica.The Mesogeia Pilot area focuses on a specific Distribution network line that incorporates; A MV

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The Croatian Demo Site

The Croatian Pilot Area is located in the north-west part of Croatia, in the region of North Kvarner, on the island of Krk.The Croatian pilot sites target self-organized local energy communities, increased self-consumption from RES (RES plants owned by Ponikve eko otok Krk d.o.o. as a data source) by exploiting flexibility from DER’s, challenge of

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The Austrian Demo Site

Location of the two pilot areas in the grid of the DSO Energy Güssing (Click to enlarge) The Austrian Pilot Area is located in the Southeast of Austria, in the south of the province Burgenland, in the district of Güssing. The Austrian Demo Site focuses on two Pilot areas situated in the

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