1. Public Deliverables

Public deliverables and other materials will be online later and shortly after release linking to a publishing platform. In the meantime we invite you to read the executive summaries for the public deliverables, below: WP1    D1.1 Project Handbook D1.2 Data Management Plan D1.2 Ethics Monitoring Report D1.4 Risk Assessment Report v1 D1.5 Risk Assessment

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2. Academic Articles

1. Piira, K.; Kantorovitch, J.; Kannari, L.; Piippo, J.; Vu Hoang, N. (2022) Decision Support Tool to Enable Real-Time Data-Driven Building Energy Retrofitting Design https://doi.org/10.3390/en15155408 2. Lampathaki, F., Biliri, E., Tsitsanis, T., Tsatsakis, K., Miltiadou, D., Perakis, K. (2022). Toward an Energy Data Platform Design: Challenges and Perspectives from the SYNERGY Big Data Platform and

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