SYNERGY at Enlit 2021: The potentialities of SYNERGY Big Data Platform

- Interview with Ugo Stecchi, the Project Coordinator of the SYNERGY project by Ioana-Emilia Badea [GECO Global] SYNERGY will attend Enlit Europe 2021 in Milan, Italy, at the end of this month. The three-day event will take place at Fiera di Milano from the 30th of November to the 2nd of December. Enlit, formerly known as European Utility Week, brings together collaboration and innovation to address some of the world's most critical energy issues. SYNERGY is delighted to be a part of the Enlit community and to be able to attend the event in-person to present the projects' development and

November 19th, 2021|

SYNERGY’s Asset Management Tool Suite

by Angelina Syrri [ICCS] SYNERGY aims to deliver an Asset Management Tool Suite, consisting of four applications, which targets network and RES plant Operators. All four applications develop advanced grid-level analytics for optimized network and asset management services. The prototype version of the applications will be released shortly and is well documented in the public deliverable D5.2 which reports all the implemented functionalities.  On that account, the Tool Suite is designed to exploit the SYNERGY Big Data Platform and AI marketplace to obtain various smart meter data, SCADA data, portfolio analytics and fault statistics. The Asset Management Tool Suite

November 1st, 2021|

SYNERGY for a DSO – HEDNO’s story

by HEDNO   Big data and their exploitation in the energy sector are expected to bring a new era contributing to radical changes over Network Operation. The development of appropriate tools for the exploitation of data, collected from various sources including OT and IT systems, along with strong analytics and new algorithms, are expected to support DSO operation, bringing new capabilities and potential new business opportunities. The SYNERGY project offers an excellent environment for the development, testing, validation of innovative solutions, combining tool development and demonstration. To achieve this goal, HEDNO as a demonstration leader supports and coordinates all

November 1st, 2021|

What hinders the breakthrough of innovative smart energy services?

by Paul Tobin [GECO Global]   The European energy sector is in the process of a major shift from a traditional centralised structure to a more inclusive system that incorporates digitalisation, includes a wider variety of stakeholders, and requires new organisational processes. The H2020 SYNERGY project aims to implement an innovative big-data platform that promotes collaboration between currently diversified and fragmented electricity actors. This change will represent a more holistic approach that incorporates “end-to-end” coordination between the electricity sector stakeholders. The successful adoption of these changes is reliant on identifying and addressing various barriers associated with integrating new technologies

March 5th, 2021|

The socio-economic barriers

by Paul Tobin [GECO Global] Contributors: Christophe Dromacque [GECO], Christina Papadimitriou [UCY], Sotiris Tsakanikas [VERD], Luis Viguer [ETRA I+D], Fenareti Lampathaki [Suite 5]   The techno-centric approach to R&D projects in the energy sector has left the crucial factor of socioeconomics underappreciated. This is demonstrated by the existence of terms such as social acceptance. This term implies that the goal of an R&D project is to find a way for society to accept the technological changes that are to be implemented for the energy transition. In truth, the transition to a decentralised renewable energy system requires the participation of

March 5th, 2021|

The SYNERGY project is celebrating its first year – with aspiring insights, new ways of working and important milestones achieved

By Tasos Tsitsanis [Suite5], Ioana-Emilia Badea [GECO Global], Luis Viguer Torres [ETRA I+D]   It has indeed been a year of new learnings and new opportunities. The COVID crisis has brought about new ways of working and at the same time proving the case for the opportunities that lie within digitalization. In this light, the SYNERGY project seeks to take advantage of the increasing digitalization of also the electricity sector.  Digitalization has brought opportunities to optimize operations and explore new business areas. In the energy industry, the amount of data is vast, and digitalization is thus linked closely to

March 5th, 2021|
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