Calling for Innovative Big Data-Enabled Energy Services

SYNERGY’s Open Call will select up to 8 projects that can make use of the SYNERGY Big Data Platform and Analytics Marketplace and are deployed in the SYNERGY demonstration sites


Up to 47.500€ equity-free funding per-project, for a project duration of 8 months

What are we looking for?

The main objective of the open call is to enlarge the outreach of the core big data platform and analytics offering to be delivered by the SYNERGY consortium and engage relevant organizations in the development of innovative and added value energy services that will complement those that will be offered as part of the SYNERGY implementation. Such services are categorized as follows and may indicatively include:

  • Innovative tools (complementary to the SYNERGY tools) for optimized electricity grid monitoring and operation

  • Innovative tools (complementary to the SYNERGY tools) for advanced asset management of network assets

  • Innovative tools and services (complementary to the SYNERGY tools) for utility portfolio management, risk hedging and energy trading.

  • Innovative tools and services (complementary to the SYNERGY tools) for local flexibility trading, flexibility sharing (peer-to-peer) and local energy communities

  • Innovative tools and services (complementary to the SYNERGY tools) for plus energy communities and buildings through coordinated management of demand, generation and storage assets.

  • Innovative tools and services (complementary to the SYNERGY tools) for urban planning and smart cities.

The aforementioned list of suggested applications and tools is indicative and does not exclude proposals for tools, services and applications that can further enrich the SYNERGY offering, under the condition that they do not overlap with existing solutions offered by the SYNERGY consortium.

Further details can be found in the Guide for Applicants and the SYNERGY Project Information document. You are also welcome to have a look at the Sub-Grant Agreement for applicants.

The proposal description template is ready for download here.


Open Call Webinar

To help applicants better understand the open call process, SYNERGY has organized a webinar, where different details of the project, useful for proposal preparation, will be presented.

Watch the video here.

FAQ from the webinar:

  1. Will the Synergy platform be open sourced? If not, what are the eventual commercial aspects to account for related to future exploitation after demo phase.
  • The SYNERGY Platform will not be open-source, but it will be exploited based on the joint exploitation strategy defined during the course of the project. With regards to the exploitation of the Open Call Applications, there is no restriction and it is up to the application owners to decide whether they will exploit their results jointly with the SYNERGY platform or not.
  1. Is it possible to upload new dataset on the platform, so that the new app to developed within the Open Call can work? Thanks
  • It is possible to define new data check-in jobs to upload data to the SYNERGY Platform based on the available harvesting methods for batch, real-time and streaming data.
  1. Do you expect us to include in our proposal to utilise existing data in Synergy datasets (I guess coming from Synergy pilots), or can we provide our own data/use case (as data set providers), or a combination of both? Without knowing at this stage existing data, it’s complicated to be very detailed and maybe own data are easy to propose specific services
  • The applications must integrate the actual data provided by the SYNERGY demo partners (that are the intended end users). Initially, for experimentation purposes, the applications may utilise their own data as well (but such data cannot replace the actual demo data).
  1. What do you expect? Should we propose new applications, or do you expect only services/algorithms to be included in the marketplace that will be used by existing SYNERGY? Or both? We thought that you were requested IA algorithms
  • According to the open call documentation, only new applications targeting different energy market stakeholders are eligible to be funded through the open call. The open call does not extend to any functionality delivered by the SYNERGY Platform and does not focus on the exclusive delivery of analytics algorithms (if they are not accompanied by corresponding apps). The applications of the open call may train/apply new algorithms that can become eventually available through the SYNERGY Marketplace as all analytics (machine learning / deep learning) must be executed in the SYNERGY Platform.
  1. Are the new services supposed to run in the platform? Or can they be offered as SaaS and be called from the platform? Always using the different APIs for data collection.
  • The applications will be deployed by the applicants and may be offered as SaaS as long as they: (a) integrate with the SYNERGY Platform to retrieve the relevant demo data and/or analytics results, (b) leverage the single sign-on functionalities of the SYNERGY Platform.
  1. Once the project is selected. Which is the expected month to begin it?
  • It is expected that successful projects from the open call will start in May/June 2022.
  1. Will the applicants have access to (or knowledge about) the different datasets during the proposal phase?
  • The applicants will not have access to the available datasets by the SYNERGY demo partners as the detailed profiling of the available data assets is confidential and cannot be shared with the applicants at the proposal stage. A high-level description of the different categories of data has been provided in the guide for applicants ( In principle, both historical and live data are available, and demo access to the SYNERGY Platform will be also provided only to the successful applicants (once the contracts are signed).

In general, the proposed applications are expected to define what data they will need from the SYNERGY Platform and what type of analytics they expect to run on the SYNERGY Platform. Moreover they need to demonstrate their flexibility in adapting and adjusting both to the data that are available in the SYNERGY platform and the granularity of such data.

  1. Will the applicants keep the IP of the models or analytics developed?

The applicants will keep the IP of the applications they develop as well as their associated models and analytics.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for single entities of any legal form which are based in EU member states and in associated countries, who are interested in the development of innovative solutions in the energy sector on top of the Big Data Platform and Analytics Marketplace introduced in SYNERGY.


The SYNERGY Open Call will select 8 organizations during the period from January 31st 2022 to April 6th 2022, that once selected will enter into a 8-month support framework programme, across different stages that will be tailored to the beneficiaries needs.

The deadline for submission of applications have been extended by two weeks. The new deadline is April 20, at 17:00 CEST.


To ease the application process, please have a look at the list of Frequently Asked Questions:


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