NORWAY: The Industrial Harbor

Port of Borg

The Port of Borg is situated in an industrial area on a small peninsula called Øra just outside Fredrikstad, Norway. The area is home to an assortment of industry actors including recycling plants, district heating, LNG storage and distribution, and food industry. The harbor also handles approximately 3.400.000 tons of goods a year for both private and public customers.

This industrial peninsula is supplied by a high-voltage line to a 132-kV substation owned by Hafslund, the regional grid owner. From there, A 12kV line to a secondary substation distributes power to all entities on the peninsula. All three transformers at the secondary substation operate at nearly 100% capacity and due to its geographical location, the harbor is situated at the end of an electrical radial. Additionally, district heating from a nearby waste plant delivers 5 GWh of heat per year.

Operating at maximum capacity leaves little room for faults or mishaps within the grid. For this reason, the port of Borg is a great pilot site to test innovative smart grid solutions from E-LAND. Through the integration of renewable energy sources such as solar thermal, geothermal, wind, hydro and PV, battery storage and a smart energy management system, the peninsula can ensure a more reliable and sufficient electricity supply without costly upgrades to the grid.

The pilot sites: